The Canadian Certification Council of Pathologists’ Assistants (CCCPA-CCCAP) is pleased to announce that Canadian Pathologists’ Assistants may now apply for certification via the CCCPA-CCCAP, effective immediately.

To apply, complete the application package found at:
Forward the completed application to:

Certification fee - $550.00 (exam included)

The exam will be available at each institution that offers a qualified Pathologists’ Assistants Master’s Program following the graduation date of the PA Master’s students.  It will also be available on a yearly basis (with limited seatings) at:

The exam will be made available at the Events & Management Plus Inc (EM+) office in Kingston, Ontario for a date that is agreed upon by the applicant and EM+.

All PA Section members that became members following the 2014 AGM must re-submit their application to the CCCPA-CCCAP to obtain certification. Those Members that passed the exam are not required to re-write the exam.
For more information, please see the CCCPA-CCCAP Document Library.

CCCPA Executive and Board of Directors

  • Chief Executive Officer: Danielle Lee - Pathologists’ Assistant
  • Chief Operating Officer: Amanda Chan - Pathologists’ Assistant
  • Chief Financial Officer: Dr. Catherine Ross MD FRCPC - Pathologist
  • Director of Exam: Lance Fuczek - Pathologists’ Assistant
  • Initial Applications Review Committee Chair: Sanowar Hossain - Pathologists' Assistant
  • Applicant Appeals Committee Chair: Sarah James - Pathologists' Assistant
  • Director: Dr. Rosemary Henderson MD FRCP - Pathologist

CCCPA Document Library: 

  1. Annual Forms
  2. Statements, Policies & Bylaws
  3. Applicant Documents
  4. Assessment and Recertification Process
  5. Archives
  6. Examinations
  7. FAQ

- last updated July 2017 -