This is an application for a Section to be approved during the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, 1200-1300 at the Delta Prince Edward Hotel, 18 Queen Street, Charlottetown, PE.  This application, to become a section was reviewed and accepted by the Executive during their meeting on November 19, 2016.

The process for applying to become a section can be found in the CAP-ACP Bylaws.  The exerpt can be found here.

Proposed Section of Humanities and International Health - Application
Purpose and Aims

  1. The Section of Humanities and International Health, originally the History of Pathology Club, and the Humanities in Pathology and International Health Special Interest Groups, will be a forum for discussion, sharing ideas, and exchanging information in the fields of the Medical Humanities (which includes, but is not limited to, history, ethics, philosophy, religion, law, literature, music, and art as they relate to Medicine in general, and Pathology in particular) and International Health.  These two fields, Medical Humanities and International Health, are closely linked.  The former cultivates and promotes various dimensions of a complete physician, while interest in the latter is a natural outcome, as humanist pathologists want to facilitate or provide laboratory services that address identified needs in developing countries around the world.
  2. The Section will provide Continuing Professional Development for Association Members in important non-medical expert roles, including, but not limited to Communicator, Collaborator, Health Advocate, and Professional, including physician health and well-being.
  3. It will mirror the evolving appreciation of the role of the Humanities and International Health in Medicine and Pathology, as demonstrated by the development of Medical Humanities Programs and International Health Offices in many medical schools across Canada and the United States.
  4. In the context of increasing sub-specialization in Laboratory Medicine, it will provide a forum where all members of the Association can participate and find an interest.

Chair - Jim Wright
Vice Chair - Hallgrimur Benediktsson
Secretary - Laurette Geldenhuys
Three Members-at-large, including one Resident - Vacant (To be elected at first Section Annual General Meeting)

Section of Humanities and International Health Bylaws

  1. Membership in the Section shall be available to any Ordinary Member, Emeritus Member or Associate of the Canadian Association of Pathologists (Association) provided they have expressed an interest.
  2. Under exceptional circumstances, a person ineligible to be a member or Associate of the Association may have membership in the Section. Such a section member shall not be a member of the Association and shall not have any right or privilege in the Association because of his or her membership in a Section.
  3. The officers of the Section include a Past-Chair after the first term of the Chair, a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary and three Members-at-Large, including one resident.
  4. At each annual general meeting of the Section, it shall elect from amongst its members officers to any vacant position. The Secretary-Treasurer of the Association shall be notified of the names and addresses of the elected officers.
  5. The officers of a Section must be members or Associates of the Association.
  6. The term of each executive position is two years, and the Secretary will become the Vice-Chair, the Vice-Chair the Chair, and the Chair, the Past-Chair to ensure continuity.
  7. The Section shall hold its annual general meeting in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting of the Association. It may hold other meetings as its executive deems necessary, provided that five (5) section members request a meeting in writing addressed to the secretary of the Section.
  8. The Section shall operate within the framework of the purposes, objects, and aims of the Association and shall not express opinions on behalf of the Association without the prior written approval of the Executive. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it shall be autonomous insofar as election of officers, internal organizations and fees are concerned. It shall provide an annual report of activities to the Executive.

Founding Members

  1. Jim Wright
  2. Hallgrimur Benediktsson
  3. Laurette Geldenhuys
  4. Akash Gupta
  5. Angela Tate
  6. Chandrani Ghosh
  7. Chelsea Maedler
  8. Cheng Wang
  9. Chris Naugler
  10. Danny Salloum
  11. David Grynspan
  12. David Rayner
  13. Esther Ravinski
  14. Fergall Magee
  15. Godfrey Heathcote
  16. Guillermo Quinonez
  17. Hakan Aydin
  18. Ian Brain
  19. Jim Gough
  20. John Veinot
  21. Kathleen Wong
  22. Lakshmi Puttagunta
  23. Leslie Anderson
  24. Marcio Gomes
  25. Mary Kimloch
  26. Monalisa Sur
  27. Moosa Khalil
  28. Rob Hammond
  29. Sid Croul
  30. Viktor Zherebitskiy

- last updated February 2017 -