Year Created: 1978

Chair:  Marcio Gomes (Ottawa, ON)
Past Chair:  Monalisa Sur (Mississauga, ON)
Purpose:  To organize the Canadian Association of Pathologists Annual Meeting.

The Annual Meetings Committee (AMC) membership includes:

  • Annual Meeting Chair
  • CAP-ACP Section Chairs
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Chair
  • Local Organizing Committee (LOC) Chair
  • Resource Development Chair
  • CAP-ACP Secretary-Treasurer
  • CAP-ACP President
  • CAP-ACP Association Manager
  • Conference Manager (Events & Management)

The Accreditation Subcommittee Chair also participates from time-to-time in a consulting capacity to ensure that essential accreditation issues are addressed, such as conference objectives, and to provide guidance regarding relationship with sponsors.

The AMC meets monthly by teleconference and face-to-face annually at the Annual Meeting.

Originally called the Central Annual Meeting Scientific Committee, this committee was established for these purposes:

  • To set general policy, provide guidance, maintain continuity and coordinate planning for the scientific and educational aspects of the Annual General Meetings in consultation with Local Organizing Committees, the Canadian Chairs of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, the Continuing Professional Development Committee and the Section of Advanced Diagnostics.
  • To develop and maintain an Annual Meeting Planning Manual.
  • To maintain an updated list of meeting themes.

Local Organizing Committees: This series of Committees, established in 1954, is responsible for all aspects of the local planning, organization and financial aspects of each Annual General Meeting in consultation with the Executive Committee, the Secretariat, the Annual Meeting Committee, and co-sponsoring Sections and Societies.

  • Charlottetown 2017 LOC - Chair: Rosemary Henderson
  • Vancouver 2016 LOC - Chair: Dr. Martin Trotter
  • Montreal 2015 LOC - Co-chairs: Dr. Genevieve Soucy, Dr. Jason Karamchandani
  • Toronto 2014 LOC - Chair: Dr. Nadia Ismiil
  • Quebec City 2013 LOC - Chair: Dr. Vincent Bernier, Dr. Bernard Têtu - Co-Chair
  • Calgary 2012 LOC - Chair: Dr. Anna Sienko
  • Vancouver 2011 LOC Chair: Dr. Diponkar Banerjee

The educational program of the Annual Meeting is constantly under renewal. CAP-ACP members are encouraged to develop new workshops.

- last updated September 2016 -