Join us in at the at the Hyatt Regency 370 King Street, Toronto, ON

July 12-15, 2014 for the

CAP-ACP Annual Meeting

“Celebrating 65 years of excellence in pathology” 


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Saturday Morning

W1211: Kidney Cancer: a Whole New Look in 2014


W1212: Teaching and Assessing the non-Medical Expert CanMEDS Competencies in Pathology & Laboratory Medicine


W1213: Effective Laboratory Utilization: Challenges and Strategies


W1214: Difficult Diagnoses in Cytology: Pancreatic FNA, Bile Duct Brushings and Lung EBUS


Saturday Afternoon

W1221: Common Challenges of Epithelial and Mesenchymal Lesions of Uterus


W1222: Evidence Based Medicine for the Practicing Pathologist


W1223: T Cell Lymphoproliferative Lesions: Trials and Tribulations, Traps and Tips: Diagnostic Pitfalls and Potential Clinical Impact


W1224: Sudden Cardiac Death and CV Surgical Pathology


Sunday Morning

W1311: Pathological Assessment of the Pancreaticoduodenectomy Specimen


W1312: Pathological Muddiness: Reflective Practice and The Art of Intraoperative Consultation in Gynecologic Pathology


W1313: Contemporary Issues in the Diagnosis and Management of Breast Disease


W1314: Brain Tumours: Beyond the 2007 WHO Classification




Residents’ Symposium – Fellowship Training in the US on Highlighting the Different Options in the US and the Requirements for Application


Patient Safety and Quality Assurance Symposium


Education SIG


Informatics SIG


Nephropathology SIG



Residents Symposium - An Environmental Scan for Pathologists across Canada as well as Financial, Tax, Negotiation and Other Advice for Those Both In and Finishing a Pathology Residency and/or Fellowship


Guillermo Quinonez Seminar on the Medical Humanities and International and Global Pathology combined Symposia


CAP-ACP Junior Scientist Award Lecture


CAP-ACP William Boyd Awards Lecture



Hematological Pathology Symposium


Canadian Society of Cytopathology Symposium and Kulcsar Lecture


Oral Presentations


Advanced Diagnostics Symposium


Forensic Pathology Symposium


Competency Based Education Symposium


General Pathology SIG



Anatomical Pathology Symposium


Pediatric/Perinatal and Neuropathology Symposium


Dr. Cam Coady Slide Seminar: Gynecologic Pathology


Emerging Trend Session: A Placental Molar Disease Diagnostic Service: Let’s improve the management of women with suspected placental molar disease!



2014 Annual Meeting - Overall Evaluation


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