Lloyd A. Kennedy Pathologists' Assistant Award
Deadline: Thu, 01 Feb

The award was established in 2007 by the Canadian Association of Pathologists, and renamed and funded by the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine at Queen’s University and Kingston General Hospital from 2010.

  1. It is awarded to a Pathologist Assistant in good standing, in recognition of outstanding contribution to continuing professional development in the area of medical laboratory practice, demonstrated by:
    • a. Instructing CPD courses
    • b. Development of CPD programs locally, regionally, nationally or internationally
  2. The CAP-ACP Awards Committee will request the nomination of a local recipient by the Executive Committee of the Section of Pathologist Assistants.
  3. The nominee’s curriculum vitae should be sent with the nomination, no later than February 1st of the year of the award.
  4. The award shall include a cash award of $150.00 and a certificate.
  5. The award shall not be presented posthumously.
  6. The award will be presented to the recipient by the Head of the Department of Pathology of Queen's University or delegate at the CAP-ACP Annual Meeting during the weekend meeting of the Pathologist Assistants, and the recipient will also be acknowledged at the Banquet.

Recipients Presented by
2016 Alma Cameron   Dr. Sonal Varma
2015 Christopher Horn Calgary, AB Dr. Christopher Davidson
2014 Danielle Lee Edmonton, AB Dr. Martin Trotter
2013 Lance Fuczek Quebec, QC Dr. Vincent. Bernier
2012 Michael Graves London, ON Dr. Jim. Wright
2011 Alan Wolff Toronto, ON Dr. Victor. Tron
2010 Susan Cromwell Toronto, ON Dr. Victor. Tron
2009 Lloyd Kennedy Kingston, ON Dr. Jagdish. Butany
2008 Sarah James Toronto, ON Dr. D. Cook