2013 Slate of CAP-ACP Officers Proposed
January 17 2013

The CAP-ACP Nominating Committee proposes the following Slate of Officers.

The slate is largely stable from 2012, with the only new nominations being for Vice President, Annual Meetings Committee Chair and Members-at-Large.

Executive Committee:


 President  Dr. Martin Trotter  Calgary, AB
 Vice President  Dr. Victor Tron  Kingston, ON
 Past President  Dr. Vina Alexopoulou  Hamilton, ON
 Secretary Treasurer  Dr. Brian Cummings  Kitchener, ON

 Continuing Professional Development

 Dr. Jason Ford  Vancouver, BC
 Annual Meeting Committee Chair  Dr. Monalisa Sur  Hamilton, ON
 Resource Development Committee Chair  Dr. Alan Spatz  Montreal, QC
 Website Editor  Dr. Tadaaki Hiruki  Vancouver, BC
 Journal Editor-in-Chief (Ex-officio)  Dr. Godfrey Heathcote  Halifax, NS
 Patient Safety and Quality Assurance
Chair (Ex-officio)
 Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys  Halifax, NS
 Member-at-Large  Dr. Marciano Reis,  Toronto, ON
 Member-at-Large  Dr. Julianne Klein  Winnipeg, MB













 Membership Committee Chair  Dr. Bernard Têtu  Québec City, QC




This Slate of Officers will be approved by acclamation at the 2013 Annual General Meeting unless CAP-ACP members nominate alternate candidates.

Alternate Nomination Process

CAP-ACP members can submit an alternate nomination for the positions of Vice President, Annual Meetings Chair or Member-at-Large, provided it meets these nomination requirements:

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