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Q:  Why is the website not bilingual (English and French)?

A:  C'est une question de ressources. The CAP values its francophone Members, but the working language of the Association is English. At the present time the CAP does not have sufficient resources to fully translate the textual content of the website from English to French.

Q:  Why is there no direct navigation to the Careers page from the homepage, like the old website had? 

A: It is a matter of space: in order to provide more information on the homepage, the left-side vertical navigation bar of the old website was converted to the horizontal one you see today under the namebar. There is not enough room there for the word "Careers", but if you click "Resources", the full "Careers" listings are just another click away. Also, new job listings appear in the "What's New" window of the homepage, while soon-to-expire job listings appear in the "Deadlines" window. If you click on any of those ads, the full "Careers" listings are just another click away.