CAP-ACP's Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 1400-1500 EDT.

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Presented to the CAP-ACP membership for approval will be the 2020-2021 Slate of Officers, budget and the audited financial statements.

If you are unable to attend the AGM, we encourage you to provide your proxy. Voting of members will be conducted electronically via the Zoom platform.

Slate of officers:

The Nominating Committee, along with the direction of the Pathologists' Assistants Section and the Residents Section Chairs, has completed their work and proposes the below Slate of Officers commencing at the completion of the AGM on June 23, 2021.  


Dr. Matthew Cesari

Toronto, ON

2021-2023 - (2-Year Term)

Vice President

Dr. Jason Karamchandani

Montreal, QC

2021-2023 - (2-Year Term)

Secretary Treasurer

Dr. Monalisa Sur

Hamilton, ON

2021-2024 - (3-Year Term)

Continuing Professional Development Chair

Dr. Michelle Downes

Toronto, ON

2021-2023 - (2-Year Term)

Annual Meeting Committee Chair

Dr. Catherine Streutker

Toronto, ON

2021-2024 - (2nd 3-Year Term)

Resource Development Chair

Dr. Mary Kinloch

Saskatoon, SK

2021-2023 - (3-Year Term)


Dr. Chris Milroy

Ottawa, ON

2021-2023 - (2-Year Term)


Dr. Jefferson Terry

Vancouver, BC

2021-2023 - (3rd 2-Year Term) 


Dr. Christopher Naugler

Calgary, AB  

2019-2022 - (3-Year Term) 

Resident Section Chair

Dr. Homan Miraliakbari

Winnipeg, MB

2020-2022 - (2-Year Term) 

Pathologists' Assistant Chair

Mr. Martin Grealish

Toronto, ON

2020-2022 - (2-Year Term) 

Changes in the slate:

  • Catherine Ross moves to Past President.
  • Matthew Cesari moves to President.
  • Jason Karamchandani moves to Vice-President
  • Chris Milroy to be voted as a Director – member at large
  • Michelle Downes to be voted as a Director of CPD (ties well with RRC)
  • Mary Kinloch moves to Resource Development Chair’
  • Monalisa Sur moves to Secretary/Treasurer

Terms renewed:

  • Catherine Streutker
  • Jefferson Terry

Completed Term

  • Bertha Garcia
  • Catherine Ross

New Directors (pending approval from the membership)

  • Chris Milroy
  • Michelle Downes

Membership fee increase for Resident Associates:

Over the past years, the CAP-ACP has worked to increase benefits to its membership, including for resident members. Residents receive all the same benefits as Pathologists' Assistants and Ordinary members.  However, the $38 membership does not cover any of the costs associated with those benefits and it requires ordinary members and Pathologist Assistants to subsidize these benefits with their annual dues payments.  Given that resident membership fees have not increased in the past 15 years and that PA membership is more expensive than resident membership, the CAP-ACP Board of directors is proposing a fee increase to bring more balance to the membership fees between categories.  The proposed increase is of $62, bringing the resident membership fee to $100 and in line with the PA membership fee.  This increase -- the first in the past 15 years -- will not only ensure equity of the membership fee schedule, but it will help sustain and advance the resident-focused initiatives the CAP-ACP offers residents, like the Resident Review Course.

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