All PA Section members that became members between the 2014 AGM and 2017 AGM should have resubmitted their application to the CCCPA-CCCAP to obtain certification. (Those members that passed the previous membership exam were not required to write the certification exam, as long as the graduate applied prior to the December 31, 2018 deadline.

The deadline for PA Master's program graduates that are applying for certification via the PA Master's program graduation route of application to apply for certification is 3 years following their graduation date, except those that graduated prior to the implementation of the certification process (June 12, 2017). These graduates have a deadline of the 2021 CAP-ACP PA Section Conference and AGM to successfully write their certification exam.

All applicants that are required to write the exam have 3 attempts to do so, with all attempts written within 2 years of receiving notice that they have been deemed eligible by the CCCPA-CCCAP to write the exam

The Canadian Certification Council of Pathologists’ Assistants (CCCPA-CCCAP) is pleased to announce that Canadian Pathologists’ Assistants may now apply for certification via the CCCPA-CCCAP, effective immediately.

To apply, complete the application package found at:
Forward the completed application to:

Certification fee - Non-Refundable Certification fee - $550.00 (No extra charge to sit an exam - if one is required)

The exam will be available at each institution that offers a qualified Pathologists’ Assistants Master’s Program following the graduation date of the PA Master’s students.  It will also be available on a yearly basis (with limited seatings) at:

The exam will be made available at the Events & Management Plus Inc (EM+) office in Kingston, Ontario for a date that is agreed upon by the applicant and EM+.

All PA Section members that became members following the 2014 AGM must re-submit their application to the CCCPA-CCCAP to obtain certification. Those Members that passed the exam are not required to re-write the exam.
For more information, please see the CCCPA-CCCAP Document Library.

CCCPA Executive and Board of Directors

  • Chief Executive Officer: Danielle Lee, CCCPA
  • Chief Operating Officer: Amanda Chan, CCCPA
  • Chief Financial Officer: Dr. Matthew Cesari MD FRCPC 
  • Director of Exam: Michael Harvey, CCCPA
  • Director: Dr. Rosemary Henderson MD FRCPC
  • Director of Applicant Appeals and Recertification Committee:  Sarah James, CCCPA
  • Director of Initial Applications Review Committee: Sanowar Hossain, CCCPA

CCCPA Document Library: 

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