The Canadian Association of Pathologists is accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada to provide continuing professional development (CPD), and to accredit and co-develop group learning events and self-assessment programs with other physician and non-physician organizations.

The CPD Accreditation Subcommittee of the CAP-ACP CPD Committee is responsible for maintaining the accreditation status of the CAP-ACP, and accrediting group learning events and self-assessment programs.

How to Get Your CPD/CME Program Accredited by CAP-ACP

  • CAP-ACP will consider for accreditation these kinds of group learning events and self-assessment programs:
    • Those developed by a physician organization.
    • Those developed by a non-physician organization if co-developed with a physician organization
  • At least 60 days prior to the event, send a brief summary of the event or program to
  • If the event or program will be considered for accreditation, you will be sent an application form.
  • Administration and accreditation fees may apply depending on the scope and nature of the event or program to be accredited.


(Section 1 & Section 3)





Physician organization
(No Educational Grants)

Section 1 Approval





Physician organization with Educational Grants

Section 1 Approval





Physician organization

Section 3 Approval





Non-physician organization

Educational co-development to include representation from both scientific  planning committees at the onset and to completion.

Plus $375 for each recurring event.
If additional funding agreements are required: $1,500 grant administration fee each




A non-refundable deposit must accompany your application package; an invoice will be forwarded upon receipt of your application package. If the application is approved, the deposit will be applied against the full accreditation fee and you will be invoiced for the balance.

Please note that review of an application does guarantee approval.

Note: Additional fees may apply for changes and incomplete packages relating to the application and invoicing process as well as for additional requirements relating to funding/program administration.
13% HST applies to all fees. Fees are subject to change.

*Should the application be incomplete or require recommendations for improvement for accreditation, an interim letter will be issued with provisional approval pending evidence that all partially compliant standards are addressed.  Once the final letter is issued, the application will considered approved.
**Late fees apply to any application received within 6 weeks of the event


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Top 6 reasons to host an Accredited Symposia:

  • Accredited Symposia are an essential part of the official program of the CAP-ACP extending delegates’ educational experience. You are invited to participate in the programming by partnering with the CAP-ACP to create an exceptional Accredited Symposium.
  • Educate a national pathology audience.
  • Transfer knowledge from research to practice.
  • Bring key thought leaders to the forefront.
  • Reach key decision makers.
  • Provide an opportunity for interaction and feedback among peers; and
  • Opportunity for exposure to the pathology community as a provider of CPD opportunities.

Easy step by step process for Co-Development

1. Submit Accredited Symposia Fee Payment, and Request Form:

  1. Request Forms for accredited symposia will be accepted by January 8.
  2. Full payment of the accredited symposium fee and submission of the Request Form must be made on or before January 31. 
  3. Accredited Symposia Request Forms submitted with incomplete mandatory requirements will be returned to the applicant. This may impact the preferred time slot and topic choice.
  4. Detailed topics and all industry sponsors must be identified on the request form before the accredited symposium can be assigned a time slot.
  5. Any significant changes to the topic and or sponsors after submission of the request form may result in a change of time slot allocation.

2. Receive Allocation of Accredited Symposium Time Slot:
Accredited symposia time slots are assigned based on the following criteria:

  • Topic and CCC program balance;
  • Sponsorship level;
  • Date accredited symposium fee and Request Form are received.
  1. Diamond Level supporters have priority selection of an accredited symposium time slot.
  2. Accredited symposia submissions will be reviewed for topic overlap and assigned time slots to avoid duplication. Applicants who request the same time slot and submit similar topics will be assigned, wherever possible, to one of the alternate time slots requested. Accredited symposia with similar topics will not be assigned time slots on the same day.
  3. Applicants will be notified in writing of acceptance of program outline(s), with confirmation of assigned date and time on January 31.
  4. Applicants must adhere to the awarded time slot, which includes all presentation time and time for any other informal activities.

 3. Developing Accredited Content:

Receive Assignment of CAP-ACP Representative to the Planning Committee:

  1. A CAP-ACP Representative will be assigned to sit on the Planning Committee within one week of receipt of the Accredited Symposium Request Form: . Content development must not be started prior to the assignment of a CAP-ACP Representative.
  2. The CAP-ACP Representative is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the content development and reviews all final presentations to ensure that the program is balanced, objective and free from commercial bias.
  3. CAP-ACP Representatives may not be presenters at the symposium.

4.  Submit Section 1 Accreditation Form and Supporting Documentation

  1. All accredited symposia developers must obtain MOC Section 1 accreditation for their accredited symposium from CAP-ACP.
  2. Accreditation application forms must be submitted by January 8. Incomplete accreditation application forms may result in a delay of the approval process.
  3. Applicants will receive notification of Section 1 accreditation by January 16.
  4. Presentation slides must be provided to the CAP-ACP Representative for review 30 days in advance of the Conference.
  5. During the conference, audits of the accredited symposium will be conducted to ensure that the Royal College standards are adhered to and that there is no perceived or actual commercial bias.

5. Submit Honorarium Forms and Disbursement Forms for Invoicing:

    1. Honorarium forms must be completed for all honoraria recipients.
    2. Honoraria Disbursement forms must be completed by all symposium co-developers to allow proper administration of the honoraria payments.
    3. The Honoraria and Honoraria Disbursement forms are due 7 days prior to the conference.
    4. The CAP-ACP will review all Honoraria and Honoraria Disbursement forms and process an invoice for payment.
    5. In order to provide the recipients’ honoraria prior to the Conference, the honoraria invoice payments must be paid by August 14, 2017.
    6. Please review the Policy for Honorarium Payments for Accredited Symposia

6. Certificates of Attendance:
Certificates of attendance do not need to be provided at accredited symposia. The credits attained by participants for attending the accredited symposia are incorporated into the overall certificate of attendance for conference.

7. Submit Participants’ Lists and Evaluation Summaries:
In accordance with Royal College accreditation standards, accredited symposia developers must submit the following to the CAP-ACP by August 1:

  • a list of participants;
  • final copies of the promotional items (invitations, syllabuses) distributed to the participants.

- last updated April 2020 -