The Canadian Association of Pathologists and its National Standards Committee for High Complexity Testing (CAP-ACP NSCHCT) identified the need to generate and publish Canadian guidelines to assist clinical laboratories in setting up predictive PD-L1 IHC testing. These guidelines do not pertain to the professional practice of oncologists; they pertain solely to the development and validation of PD-L1 testing by clinical laboratories. 

Prior to submission for peer-reviewed publication, we invite CAP-ACP members to review and provide comments on the draft recommendations during this open review period of April 15-30, 2019.

Fit-For-Purpose PD-L1 Biomarker Testing in Immuno-Oncology: Guidelines for Clinical Laboratories
From the Canadian Association of Pathologists – Assciation canadienne des pathologistes (CAP-ACP)


Comments should be emailed directly to our supporting agency for this review period, to the attention of Sonia Hoole at We ask that reviewer’s contact details are included with their comments so that we may ask for further clarification directly as necessary. 

I thank you for your time and consideration.

Dr Emina Torlakovic

- last updated September 2019 -