Information for Workshop Directors - Deadline for submission is September 1.

We invite any interested CAP-ACP members to submit a workshop proposal.

Please submit a completed workshop template and curriculum vitae to the chair of the Continuing Professional Development Committee (CPDC), Dr. Mathieu Castonguay:

Presenters are required to be CAP-ACP members with no outstanding membership dues. If you are not currently a member, please complete the membership application, which can be found at

Proposals will be considered at the meeting of the CPDC at the annual meeting for presentation at the following annual meeting or future years. Applicants will be informed of the decision of the committee by late December 1.

Workshop directors are requested to forward all advance material to the CAP-ACP office for distribution through the conference App. Workshop directors will be informed of registrant numbers two weeks prior to the meeting. Please note, that the workshop will be cancelled if there are 5 or less participants registered.

Due to financial restraints it is not possible to reimburse workshop directors for expenses. A certificate of recognition as well as complimentary access to other workshops (if space is available) is offered.

Workshops are offered on Saturday 0800 - 1130 & 1300 - 1630 and Sunday from 0800 - 1130. There is a 30 minute coffee break after the first hour and a half of the workshop. Please try to adhere to this schedule as it is mandatory for participants to break during the exhibitor times.  Schedule will be posted on the conference website.

A computer and data projector will be provided for lecture format workshops, and the workshop directors are encouraged to bring their presentations on a memory stick.

Workshops may be offered for more than one year depending on the need for the topic, evaluations and registration numbers.

Thank you for your interest!  We look forward to receiving your proposal!