Deadline: MONDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2019

Please choose either the 3 hours or 90 minutes or Multi-Headed Microshop workshop format

Please note the following:

A. There are two types of workshops:

  1. 3 hour worshop
  2. 90 minute workshop
  3. Multi-Headed Microscope Workshop

Workshops may align with one of the following themes: general surgical pathology, sub-specialty pathology or Canadian practice-related issues.

B. CAP-ACP does not provide any financial support or reimbursement, and there is no free registration of any kind, for presenters in CAP-ACP workshops.

C. At least one presenter in each workshop must be a member of CAP-ACP.

D. If the directors wish to incorporate the use of light microscopy during the workshop, the CAP-ACP supports the use of virtual (scanned) slides, and can scan the slides if required; other microscopy solutions (such as videomicroscopy or individual microscopes for registrants) will need to be arranged and funded by the workshop director(s).

E. Standard A/V equipment will be provided (projector, laptop for presentation, clicker, microphones, etc.), excluding laptops for individual participants. Multi-Headed Microscope sessions by nature will not require A/V set-up. 

F. Workshops meeting criteria for Royal College Section 3 credits are also solicited.

Deadline For Submission: October 1, 2019 – Submit here

- last updated July 2019 -