William Boyd Lectureship
Deadline: Mon, 01 Jan

This Award was established in 1981 to honour the memory of Dr. William Boyd. The Award recognizes the contribution to Laboratory Medicine of a senior member of the CAP-ACP. The Award recipient delivers the Boyd Lecture at the Annual Meeting and receives an honorarium.

Terms of Reference

1. The Awards Committee seeks recommendations for appropriate recipients for the Award.

2. The Awards Committee recommends the Nominee(s) to the CAP-ACP Executive by the end of the year preceding the Annual Meeting.

3. The Lecturer will present the Annual Boyd Lecture at the Annual Meeting. He/she will be introduced by the President of the CAP-ACP.

4. Expenses will be reimbursed as defined in the financial guidelines of the Association.

5. The Lecturer will receive an honorarium of $750 and a certificate at the time of the Annual Lecture. This will be presented by the CAP-ACP President.

6. The CAP=ACP President and the Secretariat will ensure that any sponsor of this award is fully recognized and receives a follow-up thank you from the CAP-ACP President.

List of William Boyd Lectures

  • 2019 Dr. Blake Gilks
  • 2018 Alice Lytwyn
  • 2017 Guillermo Quinonez
  • 2016 Hallgrimur Benediktsson, Calgary, AB "Pathology and the Social Contract – a Personal Perspective"
  • 2015 Dr. Subrata Chakrabarti, London, ON "Diabetic Complications: a Journey Beyond Genes"
  • 2014 Dr. Michael Allard, Vancouver, BC "A Change of Heart: Metabolic Remodelling in Cardiac Hypertrophy"
  • 2013 Dr. David Huntsman, Vancouver, BC "Genomic Disruption of Pathology Research and Care: Time Warp – It’s Our 1850's Moment Again"
  • 2012 Dr. Richard Hegele, Toronto, ON "Going Viral"
  • 2011 Dr. Victor Tron, Kingston, ON “A Role for RNA Interference in Malignant Melanoma”
  • 2010 Dr. Sylvia Asa, Toronto, ON “2020 Vision of Pathology”
  • 2009 Dr. Godfrey Heathcote, Halifax, NS “Ocular Pathobiology: Lessons for Diagnostic Pathology”
  • 2008 Dr. Jane Thomas, Ottawa, ON “The Canadian Reference Centre for Cancer Pathology: A Historical Perspective”
  • 2007 Dr. Avrum I. Gotlieb, Toronto, ON “The Bright Future of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in Canada: The Need for a National Plan”
  • 2006 Dr. Louis Wadsworth, Vancouver, BC “Haematologia Boydiensis, Tunc et Nunc”
  • 2005 Dr. John C. Butt, Vancouver, BC “The Tribulations of Stephen Truscott and Some Questions about Science in Estimating a time of Death”
  • 2004 Dr. Marcel Cadotte, QC “Historique du Cancer: De l’Ère Préhistorique à l’Époque Contemporaine”
  • 2003 Dr. James R. Wright, Jr., Halifax, NS “Pancreatic Islet Xenotransplantation:Fishing for a Cure for Diabetes”
  • 2002 Dr. Kim Solez, Edmonton, AB “Standard Setting, New Technology, and Pathology in the New Millennium”
  • 2001 Dr. Alexander Meisels, Québec, QC “Human Papillomavirus – 25 Years Later”
  • 2000 Dr. Mary Ellen Kirk, London, ON “Borderline Ovarian Tumours: “A Clinicopathological Overview”
  • 1999 Dr. Harry Emson, Saskatoon, SK “Life on the Wrong Side of the Law”
  • 1998 Dr. Alex Ferenczy, Montreal, QC “The Contribution of High Technology to Cervical Cancer”
  • 1997 Dr. Ian Carr, Winnipeg, MB “Blossom in the Dust, Biography in the History of Medicine”
  • 1996 Dr. Malcolm Silver, Toronto, ON “The Evolution of Cardiovascular Pathology in the Past 30 Years”
  • 1995 Dr. G. Tremblay, Montreal, QC “Ductal Breast Carcinoma”
  • 1994 Dr. D. F. Hardwick, Vancouver, BC “Tertiary Clinical Laboratories”
  • 1993 Dr. F. Ghadially, Ottawa, ON “Ultrastructure of G.I. Pigment”
  • 1992 Dr. R. Kisilevsky, Kingston, ON “Amyloid”
  • 1991 Dr. W. M. Thurlbeck, Vancouver, BC “Lessons from Emphysema”
  • 1990 Dr. D. Haust, London, ON “The Arterial Wall in Atherosclerosis”
  • 1989 Dr. A. Ritchie, Toronto, ON “Occupational Lung Disease”
  • 1988 Dr. J. C. Hogg, Vancouver, BC “A Fresh Look at Old Problems”
  • 1987 no winner
  • 1986 Dr. E. Farber, Toronto, ON “The Real World of Pathology”
  • 1985 Dr. S. Hansen, Edmonton, AB “Eskimo Pathology”
  • 1984 Dr. O. C. MacIntosh, Antigonish, NS “Recollections & Reflections”
  • 1983 Dr. J. L. Bonenfant, Quebec City, QC “The Pathologist – A Borderline Man”
  • 1982 Dr. F. W. Wiglesworth, Vancouver, BC “Historical Reflections”
  • 1981 Dr. J. Barrie, Toronto, ON “William Boyd the Man & the Pathologist”

- Updated July 2015 -