CAP-ACP activity related to widely recognized specialties, subspecialties, and other disciplines and roles within pathology and laboratory medicine is accomplished by its various Sections.

Section Chairs

Advanced Diagnostics - Dr. George Yousef
Anatomical Pathology - Dr. Nadia Ismiil
Cytopathology - Dr. Harman Sekhon
Education - Dr. Nadia Ismiil
Evidence Based Medicine - Dr. Alice Lytwyn
Forensic Pathology - Dr. Jacqueline Parai
General Pathology - Dr. Ipshita Kak
Hematopathology - Dr. Catherine Ross
Neuropathology - Dr. Jason Karamchandani
Humanities & International Health - Dr. Jim Wright
Pathologist Assistant - Mr. Alan Wolff
PSQA - Dr. Monalisa Sur
Pediatric & Perinatal Pathology - Dr. Jefferson Terry
Residents - Dr. Diana Salagean

- last updated December 2019 -