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Posting Date:Tue, 11 Aug 2020
Date to Apply By: Until Filled
Estimated Start Date: To be Determined
Address: 750 Great Northern Rd
City: Sault Ste. Marie

Full-Time Pathologists’ Assistant


JOB POSTING #: 472-615-2020
POSITION: Pathologists’ Assistant – Full-time (2 positions)
DEPARTMENT: Laboratory
CODE: OA009.1
RATE: $32.43 - $43.46 hourly
SHIFTS: Shift Work

Under the general supervision of the Manager and Pathologist, the Pathologists’ Assistant performs gross examination, description and sampling of surgical specimens. The Pathologists’ Assistant performs hospital and medico-legal autopsies under the direction of the Pathologist.

1. Preparation, gross description, dissection of human tissue surgical specimens and preparing tissue for histological processing.
2. Assure appropriate specimen accessioning.
3. Obtain clinical history, including scans, x-rays, laboratory data etc.
4. Photograph the body, organs, gross specimens, microscopic slides and other pertinent materials.
5. Perform duties relating to administrative maintenance of surgical pathology protocols, reports and data, including the filing of reports, protocols, photographic and microscopic slides; assuring the completion of specimen coding.
6. Assure proper maintenance of equipment, provision of adequate supplies, and cleanliness of the surgical pathology suite and related gross rooms.
7. Preparation of postmortem examinations.
8. Ascertain proper legal authorization for autopsy and complying with Sault Area Hospital “Pronouncement of Death and Death Protocol” (D-6, Nursing Standards Manual).
9. Retrieve the patient’s medical chart and other pertinent data for review with the attending pathologist(s).
10. Confer with the attending pathologist(s) to identify any special techniques and procedures to be utilized in the completion of the postmortem examination, (e.g. cultures, smears, histochemical, immunofluorescence, toxicological, viral, electron microscopy studies etc.), and notifying all personnel directly involved.
11. Notify the physician in charge, the funeral home, and all other appropriate authorities prior to the beginning of the autopsy; and the coordinating of any requests for special specimen sampling (e.g. organ transplantation, research, etc.).
12. Perform postmortem examinations, which may include: external examination; in situ organ inspection; evisceration; dissection and dictation or recording of data such as organ weights, presence of body fluids etc., and gross anatomic findings.
13. Select, preparing and submitting appropriate gross tissue sections for frozen section analysis as well as for light microscopy or other ancillary testing.
14. Obtain biological specimens such as blood, tissue and toxicological material for studies including flow cytometry, image analysis, immunohistochemistry etc.; and performing special procedures such as enucleation, inner ear bone dissection, spinal cord removal etc.
15. Gather and organize clinical information and data pertinent to the preparation of the preliminary summarization of the clinical history.
16. Prepare the body for release (including indicating the presence of biohazards such as contagious disease, radiation implants, etc.), and releasing the body to the appropriate mortuary or funeral home representative.
17. Assist in the organization and coordination of anatomic pathology conferences.
18. Other duties as assigned.

1. Master’s in Clinical Science Pathologists’ Assistant Graduate program or equivalent as approved by Lab Administration
2. Bachelor’s Degree (BSc) with subjects appropriate to the pathology laboratory and/or gross dissection experience or;
3. Graduate of a foreign medical school with appropriate gross dissection experience or;
4. MLT with gross dissection experience or;
5. ASCP certification; as well as related qualifications and gross dissection experience

1. Ability to maintain successful working relationships with the interdisciplinary team to achieve positive patient outcomes.
2. Knowledge of laboratory equipment maintenance and operation required.
3. Knowledge of sterile tissue culture conditions as required by assigned area.
4. Experience with voice dictation systems such as Dragon Dictation will be considered an asset.
5. Ability to work effectively and efficiently as a team member in a fast paced environment in stressful situations.
6. Customer service, interpersonal and telephone skills.
7. Computer literacy in a Microsoft environment.
8. Ability to organize time effectively to perform the duties of the position.
9. Ability to meet and interact with people in a pleasant, professional, responsible and reassuring manner.
10. Ability to read, write and communicate to perform the duties of the position.
11. Demonstrated behavior consistent with the hospital’s Mission, ICCARE Values and Employee Standards of Performance.

Note: Because of the changing nature of the work and work to be done, other responsibilities and duties may be assigned and qualifications may be adjusted from time to time. Only those selected for the testing/ interview will be contacted.

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POSTED: August 11, 2020, 16:00 hours to November 11, 2020, 16:00 hours

Sault Area Hospital is a respectful, caring, and inclusive workplace. We are committed to championing accessibility, diversity, equal opportunity and maintaining a barrier-free selection process for job applicants. Requests for accommodation can be made at any stage of the recruitment process providing the applicant has met the requirements for the open position. Applicants need to make their requirements known to the Human Resources department when contacted. All requests are handled confidentially.

This position is covered by a collective agreement. Applications from outside the bargaining unit are welcome, but can only be considered if the position is not filled from within the bargaining unit.

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