Surgical Pathology Education Day
Sat, 27 Jan 2018

Surgical Pathology Education Day

Space is limited to 75 attendees.

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This educational event is open to all interested allied health professionals. The content is geared towards Pathologists' Assistants, Medical Laboratory Technologists, Laboratory Technicians, associated students from these disciplines and any allied health professionals interested in Surgical Pathology.

Refunds requested after January 1, 2018, will only be honoured if a successful replacement can be identified and registered.

Saturday January 27th, 2018
0815: Registration and breakfast.

0900-0940: “How well do you know your Microanatomy”- ​Elizabath Officer, BSc, MLT-Faculty, Medical Laboratory Science, Michener Institute of Education at UHN

0945-1025: 'Endocrine Pathology'-​Dr. Ozgur Mete, MD, FRCPC-Staff Endopathologist, University Health Network and Amanda Chan, HBSc, MSc, PA (ASCP, CAP-ACP)-Pathologists' Assistant, University Health Network

1025-1040: Break/Sponsor time.

1040-1120: “Stroke in Neuroradiology: current concepts and perspectives”- ​Nicole Cancellierre, MRT(R), MSc and Vitor Pereira, MD, MSc, University Health Network

1120-1200: "Practical Dermatopathology"- Dr. Mike Sidiropoulos, MD, MSc, HBSc, FRCPC, FCAP, FASDP-Staff Dermatopathologist, Lakeridge Health and Martin Grealish, MLT, MTM, PA (CCCPA)-Senior Pathologists' Assistant, University Health Network​

1200-1215- Sponsor time.

1215-1315: Lunch.

1320-1420: Case studies X 4

1430-1500: Worskshop #1
1510-1540: Workshop #2
1550-1620: Workshop #3
1630-1700: Workshop #4

1700-1720: Wrap-up. 

Each registrant will be assigned to a group with a defined schedule so they attend 4 of 5 workshops.

A.    Head and Neck Pathology- ​Martin Grealish, MLT, MTM, PA(CCCPA)-Senior Pathologists Assistant, University Health Network
B.    Gastrointestinal Pathology- Colin Elliot, Nadia Saito, Emily Almeida and Will Tsui- Pathologists’ Assistants, Mount Sinai Hospital
C.    Intro to Molecular Genetics- ​Sylvie Grenier, BSc, MLT-Senior Genetics Technologist, Ashling Kelly, BSc, MLT-Genetics Technologist, Dean Maxwell, BSc, MBA, MLT-Genetics Technologist, University Health Network
D.     Approach to Brain Cutting- ​Dr. Phedias Diamandis, MD, PhD- Staff Neuropathologist, University Health Network
E.      Paediatric Pathology- ​Konstantin Krutikov, PhD, PA, Pathologists' Assistant, The Hospital for Sick Children