Cancer Pathology Translational Research Grants Request for Applications
Sun, 21 Aug 2016

The Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network (OMPRN) has launched two funding opportunities made available to Ontario-based pathologists through their new Cancer Pathology Translational Research Grants (CPTRG).

The OMPRN is a province-wide network of pathologists collaborating to carry out high-quality cancer research with a clear potential for clinical utility. The OMPRN Steering Committee has developed objectives under the three broad themes of (i) Awareness & Outreach, (ii) Education, and (iii) Pathology-led Research.

The CPTRG Streams address the latter objective by supporting projects in which the primary drivers are pathologists and the primary focus is on pathology cancer research. These grants will build the capacity of Ontario pathologists to undertake transdisciplinary research projects that advance the field of cancer diagnostic, prognostic or predictive testing and provide learning opportunities for pathology residents or early-career pathologists. Two grant funding streams are available to support projects that promote research excellence and transdisciplinary collaboration, and encourage membership in a pathology research community:

  • Stream 1: Small collaborative research projects that bring together a pathologist Principal Investigator (PI) with a trans-disciplinary Co-Investigator and a pathology trainee.

Funding period

1 year (ending March 31, 2018)

Total funds available


Maximum amount per grant


  • Stream 2: More ambitious, two-year research projects led by an early-career pathologist PI with a trans-disciplinary Co-Investigator.

Funding period

2 years (ending March 31, 2019)

Total funds available


Maximum amount per grant

$160,000 ($80,000 per year)

For more information and how to apply please see the Request for Applications (RFA) and supporting documents.

Deadline for applications: October 31, 2016.

David LeBrun, MD, FRCPC
Leader, Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network