Looking for CCCPA Exam Proctors - 2021 Examination Year
Thu, 25 Feb 2021

The following is an important message regarding the CCCPA-CCCAP certification exam.

Share widely with anyone that may benefit from this information, specifically those who are approved to write the exam and have not been able to do so.

Each year there are various opportunities for people to write the CCCPA-CCCAP certification exams at CAP-ACP conferences, educational institutions and at the Events and Management Plus Inc. office. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic these opportunities have not been available in 2020.

Recognizing that CCCPA-CCCAP certification is important for pathologists’ assistants and employers, the CCCPA-CCCAP Board of Directors has developed a process to approve proctors so that individuals can write the CCCPA-CCCAP certification exam in their own city/town.

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please review the outline of the process below. If you have any questions please direct them to info@cccpa-cccap.org.

  1. Ensure the examinee has been approved to write the CCCPA-CCCAP exam before proceeding with the proctor approval process. Applicants who are deemed eligible to sit the certification exam receive a date stamped notice stating that they are eligible to sit the certification exam. The exam application process can be found on the CCCPA-CCCAP website https://cap-acp.org/CCCPA.php
  2. The proctor can access the “Proctor Guide” on the CCCPA website. The proctor will read the “Proctor Guide” and complete the online Acknowledgement form (or use the PDF version found on page 3 of the guide and email the completed form to info@cccpa-cccap.org and include the proposed exam writing location in the email).
  3. The completed “Acknowledgement” form, relationship between examinee(s) and proctor, conflicts of interest and proposed exam writing location will be reviewed by the CCCPA-CCCAP. Communication via email or phone may be required if more information is needed.
  4. A decision from the CCCPA-CCCAP will be communicated to the proctor via email.
  5. Once the proctor has been approved the proctor can email info@cccpa-cccap.org and begin the examination set up process. This includes final confirmation of the examinee(s) and the proposed examination date. The date must be agreed upon by both the proctor and the CCCPA-CCCAP. The CCCPA-CCCAP will arrange the delivery of the appropriate exam to the proctor prior to the examination date.
  6. The proctor is accountable for all responsibilities outlined in the proctor guide.
  7. The proctor and examinee are responsible for ensuring they are following all rules and regulations required by the writing location, such as the use of space to write the exam and the time required to write the exam as well as abiding by all government regulations regarding COVID-19 precautions.