Year Created: 2009

Chair: Dr. Raymond Maung (Kamloops, BC)

Purpose:  A committee to facilitate planning of the appropriate workforce to meet the clinical, academic and administrative needs in an institution.  The committee based the basic workload framework on the Level 4 Equivalent (L4E) unit.   The L4E value takes into consideration the average time needed to complete the case, medical value to the clinicians and patients, clinical urgency, degree of difficulty and medico-legal responsibility.

Membership:  The committee members will include individuals from all 10 provinces

Activity: To balance between meeting current standards versus practical application of the model, the committee have set up the following guidelines.

  • Solicit comments from pathologists and other interested parties. These are to be directed to the chair or any member of the committee, preferably in written form.
  • The committee will update the model every 3-4 years based on
    • Comments from pathologists and other interested parties
    • Review of the current literature
    • Other workload models – working or proposed models
    • Current clinical and quality assurance standards



- last updated January 2018 -